We work on PC's and MAC's

We  tutor on PC's MAC's, iPads, iPhone, onsite, or remotely via the Internet.

We can speed up, clean up, secure you're computer.

No jobs too small or too big.

Free Estimates/Free Pickup/Free Deliver/Free Cleanup

Very affordable rates/No Markup on parts


We can shop with you, or for you for a your new computer at NO CHARGE FOR OUR TIME

We can make sure you old computer, printer & monitor get properly recycled FREE

We can transfer your data, install programs on your new computer

We are a resller for Mozy Pro Online Backup Service we can get you a great price on storage space, safe, encrypted, and we administer it for you

How safe is your data?

 We can help you keep your data and email secure and make sure someone isn't watching your every move 

 ZSentry, Email NMA ZSentry, covering regulatory compliance including HIPAA & HITECH Safe Harbor, mobility, functionality and usability. Gregory's provides cost-effective, authorized remote setup services for NMA ZSentry.   We are trained and have NMA support to make sure that your NMA ZSentry solutions.

Wireless Network Setup, Config, Troubleshooting

We can make sure your computer receives the necessary updates with Managed Services and it runs safely with Managed Anti-Virus.  We are a Reseller and Administrator for GFI Software.


For Remote Support: 

 Email: greg@gregoryscomputerrepair.com


Then click on the TeamViewer below,  allow it to run. 

 Provide us the UserID# and Password and we will connect to assist you.