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We enjoy answering technical questions, we'd be happy to provide you an answer to your question(s) for a small fee.

We won't have an answer to every question live, but we'll research and get you an answer.

Occassionally a question(s) involve extensive testing or configuration before an accurate answer can be provided.

Question(s) which would involve extensive testing or configuration changes may require more time and cost more to provide an accurate answer but that cost will be discussed at the time of the initial contact before any cost is incurred, also that timeframe and cost will be discussed and agreed upon by both the customer and Gregory's Computer Repair before testing or configuration begins.  We will also advise if that testing can be done on our hardware/software or if it would require a purchase of an service, software, or hardware to test.

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 Email: greg@gregoryscomputerrepair.com



 Email: greg@gregoryscomputerrepair.com

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