Gregory's Computer Repair

We are a Managed Backup Provider

We use Mozy Pro Online Backup or Amazon S3 Backup with CloudBerry Labs Backup Software for Managed Service Providers to provide safe, secure, backup to give you peace of mind

We Manage your backups to ensure they get done, and everything that should be backed up, is!

That means we buy lots of storage space and resell it at an affordable rate

Call us to setup your account and we will administer it 24/7 - 365 days

We can set you up a Home, Business, or Combination account.

Don't risk losing your precious family photos, financial documents, other documents.


Reason #1


Reason #2


Reason #3


Reason #4


Okay it's very affordable &

It provides peace of mind.

Administered for the entire year!

Let us protect the family vacation photos


The family history photos

The family personal documents