Chance to SAVE a LIFE

My good friend Bud Blake is selling this and the larger commercial Cold Fire units to homes and business as well, I highly recomend this it could save a life.

Protect your family at home AND at College, Click Here NOW....

Always call 911 first, never put yourself at risk, but this product gives you additional protection.

Bud's son lost a good friend to a dorm fire years ago.

See the link below for more details and watch the video too of another local fire.

Everyone needs 4-8 cans of this Great product in the home, all the bedrooms, kitchen, garage, basement, laundry room area. 

Watch the videos to see just how much Better this product works than normal fire extinguishers, this is not just your normal fire extinguisher it should be used in all homes, businesses, schools, buses, hotels, hospitals.

Please get the word out to everyone you know about this product and I'll help ensure you get it delivered as soon as possible.  Call Greg Now at 913-424-5932

Kansas Fire Statistics