Feb 9, 2013

Why take 6 months to 1 year off the life of your laptop?

Such a simple thing but many of us don't do it, all you need to do to give your laptop a better chance at life is use a cooling pad.  I've monitored hard drive and internal operating temperatures of laptops with and without cooling trays either fan power and no fan.  Laptops can run 8-12 degrees cooler which doesn't sound like alot but it will affect performance and life of the computer and chances are your laptop will continue to run hoter and hoter until it fails.

Many times I find where someone has sit a laptop on a bedspread and it had a thread hanging loose and got sucked right into the fan disabling it, they didn't even know they were taking time off the life of their computer by it suddenly overheating.

Please spend the money the computer feed, a laptop tray, or fan powered cooling tray.

Micro Center has many to choose from.  Just watch with the feet sytle you don't block a fan.

These feet only cost approx. $12.99 the shorter ones go under the front and the longer ones under the rear, perfect for table tops.

These you might find in the Mac section of the store for approx. $19.99 and they lock together for storeage.


This one works great anyplace bed, table, sofa, desk $19.99


This one much more expensive not necessary but loaded with features, usb ports, etc. $49.99