Windows 7 End of Support Timeframe Quickly Approaching Don't Wait Too Long

Keep in mind Windows 7 Security Updates Support will end January 14, 2020, we advise everyone to plan early, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, or if using a computer that is 5 years of more old you may be best served to purchase a new computer in advance at the best price for your needs rather than wait.

Don't Make the Wrong Choice!


There are some great deals and then there are some monitors that are way over priced, I'd be happy to help you make a selection or go pickup the best one for your needs at the best price.

All Sizes are available Average size is 24" Price Range $89-$149

27-32" Range $169-$249

Desktop and Laptops

I don't normally advise clients to pick out their own equipment, I'd be happy to help with that, don't charge to shop around for them, can pickup, prepare, deliver and don't mark up the parts.

Almost always when a client picks out their own computer often they may not perform well, they don't last, the hard drive is too small, they don't have enough memory, I've been working with computer since 1983 and have a pretty good idea of which computers will last 5 1/2 or 6 years and stay away from the ones that only last 2-3 years.

I've located the best deals on computers and can get one ordered or picked up, prepared, delivered, and spend time with you during and after delivery to make the transition as easy as possible to a new computer.

Windows 10 is pretty stable and does have some great performance improvments, best of all the latest versions of Windows 10 have some very nice photo viewing/editing enhancements you will like a lot.

You will find laptops for $199, 299, 399, but they won't perform very well, or last very long for most.

You will find desktop computers for $399, 499 but they won't perform as well or last as long either as one in the price range below.

It's easy to find them but I've found the best desktops and laptops for the money with the most memory and larger hard drives for the same or less money that other places.

Best Choice

There are some great deals on PC Desktop computers I've been able to fine and prepare for clients ranging from $499-$950 plus tax, possible shipping, & labor to prepare totally.

Some really nice PC laptops are available for $549-$1,000 for laptops that will perform and last.

Call & let's plan a time to move forward with an upgrade to Windows 10 if possible or replacement if your computer is 6-6 1/2 years old or more.

We can do everything for you to pickup, get everything ready, backup, restore, install anything, and make it as easy to operate for you as possible.

Best to be proactive then suprised and end up paying more money.

Apple Computers

Apple does have some models out with larger hard drives than before, and more memory to keep up with the demands of software, apps, and new Operating Systems.

I recomend Apple to anyone currently using Apple or Folks not afraid of learning a new Operating System.

These are nice models, but it is a big investment for many.

We do tutoring on Apple Computers and offer demonstrations for anyone wanting to know more.