To Current Clients During COVID-19, as with all times you can count on Gregory's Computer Repair to do everything we can to assist you.

We are here, ready, willing, and able to assist anyone Current Client, Referral Client, or 1st Time Visitor to this site.  Don't hesitate to call, here to answer your computer, phone, tablet questions always ready for new clients.

Anti-Virus Protection, Backup, help with working from home, phone, tablet issues,  Mac, PC, repairs, tutoring, remote support & onsite support when allowed.

There are Many options list below available to get computer help TODAY, 
All computer protection and backups & monitoring are working as normal, we have Great computer protection, Great Backup protection.

Most of the time if you need assistance you'll be able to contact us or receive a callback within 15-20 minutes.
A newsletter will be out Approx. March 26th 2020 explaining in more detail additional services, additional software that can be helpful, during these times.


1. Fill out a Support Request Form below under the Session ID area labeled "Support Request" to get support for an urgent issue, followed up by a text or phone call if you do not hear back from us in 10-15 minutes.  

2. Or If you have a less urgent issues or just questions, if you prefer you may use one of the methods listed BELOW the Support Request form to contact us or schedule an appointment for more general questions, or low priority items.

3. If you need help for an urgent issue you may also may just click on the Black Button below labeled "GET SUPPORT" further down on this page to have a technician at Gregory's Computer Repair connect immediately if available to do so.

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"We Love Working On Windows & Mac Computers, Phones, Tablets, & Tutoring"

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"We Love Working On Windows & Mac Computers, Phones, Tablets, & Tutoring"
Why pay someone else for computer repairs by the hour?
We bid the work, we don’t charge by the Hour, saving you MONEY
Many types of repairs can be done remotely via TeamViewer or LogMeIn Rescue
afterhours saving you even more, and not interrupting valuable work time.
No job too big or too small

Properly dispose of your old computer(s), monitor(s), keyboard(s), mice
We'll pick them up for FREE & Delivery to a Recycle Center for you.
We'll even bring back or mail you the donation slip for you to provide to your tax person.

Here are a small list of some of the services we do provide.

We provide services for the largest businesses down to a single user, now everyone can have their own computer IT department.

  • We can perform ongoing test to point out vulnerabilities that could lead to data breach.  Be sure your home based business or office of any size is not setting itself up for failure with sensitive data that you are unware of laying around, we can make suggestions to help tighten security everywhere.  Give us a call and we'll show you an example of the types of reports we can generate thru our Managed Services.
  • We can provide computer cleanup build up of dirt, dust inside the unit
  • Proactive anti-virus protection or cleanup and protection after an attack
  • Proactive ransomware prevention or assistance after an attack
  • Proactive adware, malware, spyware, keylogger, root kit prevention or removal and protection
  • Tutoriing any version of Microsoft Windows / All Microsoft Office versions
  • Wired or wireless network assistance
  • Printer troubleshooting, replacement
  • Do you feel your computer is being spied on? We can determine if it is and put a stop to it.
  • Receiving too much spam? We can help get the situation under control
  • Having difficulty remembering all those passwords, we can help you find a solution.
  • We also provide Managed Services which can monitor, track, protect, or locate phone(s), computer(s), and tablet(s), assist with passcode changes, locking, unlocking.  We can assist with setting up a device for anyone that just needs assistance, we can even help setup tracking/geofencing for seniors that wander off, or the safety of your children to ensure they make it from home to school, or school to home or wherever and if they don't track them in real time.  Parental controls managed for kids phones and tablets to lockdown or adjust parental controls for safety or penalty for bad behavior.
  • We can provide Forensics report on computers, phones, tablets to determine if your child under 18 years of age is in trouble, missing, showing inappropriate behavior using their online devices.
  • Network performance testing, analyze connections being made to computers.
  • We can help you recover corrupt or missing data from computers, externals hard drives, USB Thumb drives, Phones, Tablets, etc.
  • We are a Mozy Pro Online Backup Reseller, we buy online storage space in bulk to save you money. Protect your pictures, documents, and financial data. Call for a quote.

 Click on video below for more information on the services we provide


We want to take care of all your business and home computer needs

PC/Mac/iPad/Tablet/iPhone/Technology/Tutoring/Backup/Data Recovery

Managed Services/Anti-Virus/Recycling

Software/Both Onsite and Remote Support or Tutoring


Any place!

No matter where you are at on the Information Highway

No matter what your skills are

We can keep help keep you running properly, securely.

And give you peace of mind!

Everything handled in one place

Don't wait until things get worse, or put off that tutoring!

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